After 2020
The University of Queensland, Australia
Ph.D. Supervisor: Hongzhi Yin
Research Topics: recommendation and dialogue systems.
Research intern under the supervision of Hao Wang and Zaiqing Nie.
Internship achievement: Submitted a paper to WWW’20.
(still under review).
University of Electronic Science and Technology of China.
M.Eng. in Department of Computer Science and Technology.
Supervisor: Junming Shao.
University of Electronic Science and Technology of China.
B.Eng. in Yingcai Honors College (Elite program of UESTC).
GPA: 3.81, Ranking: 9/72.
Supervisor: Junming Shao.

Research Interests

My research interests lay in Data Mining and Machine Learning, with a focus on leveraging graph analysis and clustering techniques, to a wide range of questions including Spatio-temporal data analysis, pattern-based graph embedding, recommender system, natural language processing and so on.

Awards & Honors

2019 One of our papers won the Best Paper Award of DASFAA'19 (CORE2018 Rank B, CCF B).
2019 Outstanding Master's Thesis Award of UESTC.
2019 Outstanding Graduate Student Award of UESTC.
2016 Rank No.1 in Undergraduate Thesis Defense of UESTC. Outstanding undergraduate graduation thesis award.
2016 Honorary Graduate of UESTC. Top 10 in Yingcai Honors College.
2014 Meritorious Winner for CSIAM's China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling.
2013 First Prize in Sichuan Contest District in China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling.
2012 Tang Lixin Scholarship of UESTC. Top 60 out of over 25,000 undergraduate and graduate students at UESTC.
2012 Rank No.1 in entering UESTC from Yunnan Province (Score: 614).


I like reading, photographing and dancing, and I've cultivated my interest in drawing recently.

For sports, I like diving and climbing. I used to go jogging or gym in weekdays.

Computer Skills

Python, MATLAB, JAVA, C/C++, LATEX, HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office.